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GW Stock Competition

Join the GW Stock Pitch Competition (SPC) to sharpen your financial analysis skills and compete for cash prizes! Craft persuasive investment theses, receive feedback from finance experts, and showcase your talent. Open to all students, we're dedicated to fostering essential skills for success in finance. Stay tuned for more info!




"The performance of the GWII Student Investment Funds in Q1 2024 was 15.0%, outperforming the benchmark by 4.4%. This growth was led primarily by the GW Ramsey Fund, which delivered 18.2%, outperforming the S&P 500 Index by 7.6%. The GW Phillips Fund and GW Quant Fund delivered 10.3% and 9.7%, respectively, modestly underperforming the S&P 500 Index return of 10.6% for Q1. The GW Real Estate Fund was down -2.6%, which is in line with macroeconomic trends for that sector."

- Market commentary by Laura Null, BS '25

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GWII 2025 Conference

Save the date for our next annual conference on March 21, 2025! Last year's event, brought together 60+ students, faculty, and alumni to explore finance and AI. Highlights included talks by Dean Vanessa Perry and Professor Patrick Hall, a student showcase, and a panel on AI's impact on work featuring industry experts. Check out the summary to learn more!

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