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2024 GWII Conference



The Annual Conference of the GW Investment Institute has been a consistent highlight for over a decade, bringing together over 50 students, alumni, and faculty from GW each year. This gathering broadens students' understanding of finance and sparks curiosity about financial service careers. Last year, the conference delved into Quantitative Investing, showcasing esteemed figures from the quant world.


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"For the fourth quarter of 2023, GWII’s Student Investment Funds underperformed the benchmark by 40 basis points at (11.30%) vs. (11.70%) for the S&P 500 Index. However, individually for the quarter, the GW Ramsey Fund (11.80%) and the GW Real Estate Fund (16.30%) surpassed the S&P 500’s growth. For the calendar year of 2023, GWII’s portfolios outperformed the benchmark (31.10%) vs. (26.30%) for the S&P 500 Index".

- Market commentary by Yaseen Shah, B.S. '23

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